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  • Advanced Press Clippings
  • Real-time Analytics

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Relations components

Centralized Media Database

Relations provide highly customized Contacts list templates for Journalist and Media Outlets. The media list can contain basic information like name, type, website or publisher, as well as internal rank (influence level), audience metrics or social media links.

These lists serve as a single source of media and journalists entities throughout the rest of the system. Modify here, show everywhere else.

  • Media List
  • Journalists List
  • Outlook Integration
  • Mobile App

Relations components

Advanced Press Clippings

Our Press Clipping template simplifies the filling in and processing of the publication clippings. The workbook is connected directly to Media and Journalists lists for auto-fill and reliable data. After pasting a link to an online publication or a Social Media post, Media name, type and rank are automatically derived.

The design of the workbook allows for individual adjustments like Client-specific ranks or publication categories to be made.

A single publication only needs to be clipped once - Relations workbook simultaneously generates periodic Reports and serves as a source for analytics.

  • Assisted & auto-filling
  • Report generation
  • Source for team-wide analytics

Relations components

Real-time Analytics

Relations report provides a holistic look at all the data from every project clipped using the system and ties together publications with media outlets' and journalists' details, enabling rich insights. It is always up to date, refreshing several times a day.

The results are grouped into tabs like: Agency Essentials, Summaries of Media, Journalists, Publications, and Social Media. Drillthrough pages for Media Outlet, Journalist and Client serve as detailed profiles, providing a great look at the relationship status and results on an individual level.

  • Agency-wide statistics
  • Detailed relations views per Client, Media & Journalist
  • Automatic data fetching

Interested in Relations for your PR work?

Thank you for your interest!
We will reach out to You soon.